The End of the Routine

The routine goes something like this:

Wake up, rollover, grab my phone, check Facebook.

Get up, go to the couch, recheck Facebook and now Instagram.

Make breakfast, recheck Facebook, double back to Instagram, upload TimeHop. Repeat.

My day is, like many of you, consumed with staying connected. It is the blessing and curse of our generation and all that follow. We are constantly having public conversations and even arguments over the internet. I know your words and opinions, but I’m not sure that I know you. I have friends that I haven’t seen since high school, if we were to bump into each other on the street, I could easily say, “How was your chicken parm that I saw your post an hour ago?” There would be no surprise, no news to tell.

Even my workday is spoiled by my constant need to be connected to everyone. My browser always has Facebook up so that I can be up to day and current with each breaking moment. Ready to drop a witty line or an overused meme in hopes that I make someone click a button to give me that wonderful sensation of a Like. It has ruined my already damaged attention span, making completing simple tasks at work difficult to finish without interrupting it with quick refresh or status update.

My focus on reading and writing is nonexistent. I can barely get through a single movie without checking my phone for notifications.

Lent is coming up in a few days. It’s a time for deep reflection and conversations with God. It’s a time to get personal. That’s what I’m going to do. Starting Ash Wednesday, I will be deactivating all of my social media, deleting it from my phone. The only site that I will be maintaining will be this blog. My goal is to get back to reading and writing. It’s also to get closer with the friends that I have by calling and texting. Really getting to know who they are and what I am missing out on by only seeing their filtered coffee pictures and well thought out statuses. In the process, I hope to come out of this knowing myself better. I hope to open up to myself.

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