I am on the brink of leaving my 20s and heading right into my 30s. I have been struggling with adulthood since I graduated from a small state school in Texas. I am learning grown up lessons daily like speeding tickets can turn into warrants if you don’t pay them and that ice cream lasts longer if you remember to put it back in the freezer. Other lessons, such as I can’t party like I did in college anymore, took longer to learn.

I like my coffee black and my bacon crispy.

Claims to Fame include (but not limited to):

  • Being “that” guy on rare but extremely memorable occasions.
  • I have been on multiple jumbotrons at sporting events, but I only remember about half of them.
  • I was kicked out of the Ballpark in Arlington after claiming that George Washington and the Founding Fathers would be proud of my foul mouth.
  • Tried to start a band called George Washington and the Founding Fathers
  • I have taught an old dog new tricks.
  • I have been caught with a friend recreating a scene from Wayne’s World in his truck that involves Bohemian Rhapsody.
  • I once mistakenly picked a bar fight with a guy who did MMA.
  • My best friends are my wife and my dogs (sorry to everyone who I have drunkenly told they are my best friends and that I love you…You aren’t and I don’t).

This is my blog.